Emergency Note

This is an office practice and not an emergency clinic; if you are experiencing suicidal feelings or thoughts right now you should immediately contact a suicide hot line in your area or present yourself to an emergency room.

In San Mateo County, Psychiatric Emergency Services can be reached at (650) 573-2662. Ongoing clients in my practice may call my mobile phone for urgent matters.

Services Offered

I see adult individual clients/patients for both multi-modal psychotherapy and brief consultation. The approach used depends on the clientís concerns and the goals for treatment.

Dynamic or insight-oriented therapy explores underlying issues that interfere with current functioning. Such an approach can be either short term or long term; short term, from 1-20 sessions, would focus on a specific area of concern, a core conflicted relationship or a self-defeating behavior. Longer term would focus on multiple areas of concern or on growth and insight.

Cognitive behavioral approaches focus on identifying and changing thoughts and behaviors that maintain symptoms. For example, cognitive work might entail identifying and modifying automatic negative thoughts; a behavioral strategy might entail using diaphragmatic breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation, or exposure therapy, to manage and then eliminate anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy tends to be time-limited with specific goals and checkpoints, as well as homework between sessions.

Multi-modal therapy integrates both approaches. For example, someone having difficulty adjusting to a life transition might want to explore the meaning of his or her life changes, but might also need to integrate stress reduction strategies.

Both approaches can and do integrate medication as needed; I most frequently work with primary care providers but will also coordinate care with psychiatrists; I do not prescribe.

Consultations may entail 1-2 sessions for stress reduction, bariatric assessment, workplace dilemmas, and the like.

I charge a flat rate for bariatric assessment, including testing materials, and collect the fee at the initial session. (Medicare patients excepted.)

Areas for which consultation may be useful include the following:

  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Coping with medical problems including chronic illness.
  • Trauma, grief, and loss.
  • Interpersonal difficulties in the workplace.
  • Relationship issues, as the individualís therapist.
  • Major life transitions.